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Chapter two, Organ Pipe Park............

Howdy All,

I left the Yuma area and headed southeast to Organ Pipe National Park. I had some misgivings about going to this park, a good friend of mine was working there as one of the camp ground hosts and I had heard that the park was one of the most beautiful desert parks in the entire country. My misgiving concerned how our government and its lax enforcement of its laws had resulted in half of the park being taken over by drug runners and illegals crossing the border from Mexico into the USA.

To me this is a travesty, how can we police the world when we can't even secure our own national border. On the way I passed through three check points manned by border patrol, they checked nothing, I could have had 50 illegals or tons of drugs in my trailer, they just waved me through, no wonder our border is so full of holes. Enough of my rant it just bothers me that this is going on and nobody in government seems to care, I guess they are all making to much money off this scam yet we can't get on an air plane without getting felt up or x-rayed.

I checked into the main ranger station, picked out my camping spot and then got settled in for the next three days that I would be here in the park. My camp site. You can see some of the desert plants are in bloom, lots of color and way more green then I had ever seen in a desert area.

Because of the park closures there were only two roads open to public travel, there were tours accompanied by "armed guards" that you could sign up for but this is NOT my style of sight seeing. So me and the Boys headed out on a 20 mile one way road that ran through the mountains, this road had a lot of elevation change and offered some spectacular views. I am just going to post photos in the order they were taken along this road with a few comments scattered where they will add to the story.

And so the day ended, it was a great ride I only saw two other vehicles whilst on this road, I spent a lot of time just sitting and taking in the views. I really enjoy traveling with the Boys, they love to ride, don't complain when I stop to take MANY photos and are good company for those times when you just want to let it all soak in with out having to explain why. Stay tuned.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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