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Front Brake rebuild--a tale of woe and money

Decided to make the bike stop as well as it runs, so started on the front brake.

Rebuilt the front caliper without too much hassle. Put all new rubber bits in after cleaning the metal parts and reassembled.

Assembled a stainless steel brake line and installed it.

Then started on the MC. Things got complicated. Purchased a piston and cup set and started to take the old one out.

Tried for a couple of days to locate a snap ring plier long enough to reach the snap ring inside the bore. Finally asked a forum member for help and he got the ring out. Offered to loan me the tool since he was leaving for a dual-sport ride in a neighboring state.

"No thanks, pretty sure I get it put back together with what I have."

Spent another day working on it. Gave up and ordered the tool so I could get the snap ring back in. Amazing how easily that ring goes back in with the right tool.

Got so excited that I punched a hole in the rubber boot, but didn't realize it. Spent a couple of days trying to bleed the system. A couple of gsresources members diagnosed the problem correctly and I spent another $60 for a piston and cup set. Nobody sells that litte rubber boot separately.

$60 for a 35 cent rubber boot. Oh yea, I'm happy about that purchase.

So, I've turned an hour's worth of work worth $60 into $150 repair job and I am still waiting on the second piston and cup set so I can get that rubber boot.

On a good note, I did put some Superbike bars on the old girl and they transformed the riding experience. I liked the dirt bike bars I had on the bike, but didn't like the amount of air I was catching at highway speed. Also didn't like the way I sat back on the bike with the other bars. The new ones move me forward with my hands in more. Nice change.
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