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Tank Selection- Safari 28 litre on the DRZ

The white ones are faster? I'm gutted nobody told me this before now! :-)
We already have the case guards fitted so fingers crossed we don't hit any further issues in that department.

Next up is the details on the tank. If I understand correctly, riding on a stock DRz is said to get you no further than between 90 and 140 miles before hitting reserve. Without an after market oversized tank there is no way we would be able to cover the big distances we will need to in the remote regions such as Mongolia or Siberia. We had experience of having to carry additional fuel on the back of the bikes during a warm up trip in India last year and it wasn't something that we wanted to have to worry about on this trip.
After hours of research we both concluded that the Safari 28 litre option was definitely the right choice to be making. Safari Tanks are primarily designed with racing in mind and now have a huge presence in the Dakar for privateer and factory teams but more and more people are using them for trips such as ours. In addition to that, they look pretty awesome.

Being an Australian company, we tracked down the UK distributor Core Racing to ask for some advice. Little did we know when we first made contact with Alec from the Core Racing team that he would have such a huge involvement in this trip. Alec's exposure to endurance racing and motocross was quickly evident when we started to expose his ever increasing list of hints, tips and must-do's. The sheer amount of decisions to be made when planning a trip of this nature can be daunting at times but having knowledgeable contacts such as Alec who are so willing to help relieves the pressure in a big way.

Designed for the DRZ, the sleek design has already caught the attention of a number of people when we have parked the bikes up on the streets of Southampton. It wasn't until we fitted these tanks that the bikes really started to look and feel like the overland adventure machines we wanted them to.
In addition to the peace of mind the additional fuel brings when in remote regions, adding the extra weight to the front of the DRz seems to have improved the bikes high speed stability. Other than skimming a little off the top of the rad guards, fitting the tanks with both a Yoshi pipe and Unabiker radiator guards did not cause any additional issues.

We're slowly getting there...

Read more about our round the world DRz 400 trip on our website here:

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