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Originally Posted by wfopete View Post
If your are building a replica bike the OEM shock is ok, but if you are planning to compete, the OEM shock is a bit archaic. Several aftermarket shocks are available that far outdistance themselves from the stock YZ monoshock. Of course you can expect to pay from around $600-$1200 for them. I don't think rebuilding the YZ shock is very complicated but I had Steve Sage ( rebuild mine for about $200. Why? Well I'm cheap (I had to pay taxes too!) and I wanted to see how the stocker technology felt before upgrading. Plus I've had yet to start my 465G model that I've been working on, as far as I know it may not start. I hope to find out soon as this time next week I'll be on my way to Diamond Don's Nationals ( for Beta testing. In fact I have to start putting together the bike today, right now the bike is totally stripped down.

One other thing: Yamaha really boned up the handle bar position and stock triple clamp. They have the bars sitting in your lap which I don't like, but that's 80's tech for you. When I can I'm going to do something about that but it will cost a few bucks. Moving the bars out and up will make this bike better handing and more comfortable as it helps keep rider weight forward over the front end which helps steering input and the front end down under power.


Yeah, I think you are right it is more cost effective to send the shock out for rebuild. My interest in rebuilding one has more to do with cherry picking the best components from the shocks I already have... and I am a little curious to see whats in there!

And thanks for link to Steve Sage, he seems to have a very good reputation and price is reasonable too. I dont think I am ready to pony up the big shock money either. In fact, right now I think it is the rider that needs the suspension work as I twisted my back a couple of days ago!

I noticed that Race Tech and Pro-Action also have solutions for the 465's.

Here is the link to the Race Tech project bike... pretty fancy shock on that one!

Pro-action has their roots in Keystone Yamaha. I remember seeing the Keystone bikes at Unadilla in the '70s

I hope you can get it all together in time for Diamond Dons. You will have to keep us informed about this and post up some pictures from the event.

Regarding the triple clamps, Yamaha made one with solid mounted clamps that are moved forward. I have one of these on my bike. It came with a set of forks I bought. Not sure exactly which model or year it is off of but it bolts right on to my 43mm 490 forks.

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