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Ok, so give! How much will he give it to you for? How many miles on the old girl? What color? Any extras - luggage, etc?
I'm not sure on miles. Color is black with I believe a red pinstripe (I haven't seen it up close in a while). It has hard saddlebags for sure, I can't remember if he has a small tailbag on it as well or not. It also has a rather large fairing, which I had always assumed was stock since it was on the bike when he got it. I now realize the bike was originally naked, which looks 100x better. In fact, had I known all along what the bike would look like without the fairing, I probably would have been excited about it years ago . I had always mistakenly thought of the bike as a big cruiser because the combination of the huge fairing and engine configuration left me with an impression of a much larger bike. I think that was a big reason I was a bit apprehensive about taking it from him when he called me, the big cruiser bikes just don't interest me much. It was a bit of an eye opener when I started looking up specs and saw the weight was only ~460 with a full tank! I think the fairing is a Luftmeister, or very similar to it. I also think it will be coming off in pretty short order unless I have a complete 180 and really enjoy riding the large fairing.

Price never came up, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't take any money for it. If he does want / will take some $ for it, I would do so happily. I do plan to offer to trade him my XS400 though. It needs someone to ride it and is light enough to keep him out of trouble for a while I think. Sadly, it's now fast enough for him too. For a guy that used to time trial through forests on scramblers and built a dirt gocart/minibike track in the field next to his house for my mom / uncle... He now drive's like the slowest grandpa on the road, 10 under in the left lane and all . It would be good for him to puts around on, which is all he would do anyway, so I hope he takes it. I not, I do have room in the garage for more bikes. My 59 bugeye makes working a few extra motorcycles in the garage a pretty easy task :-)
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