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Finally got out today (if you can call it that). Decided to go about 1 mile from my house. Its semi legal and I usually try to avoid places like that. Since the bike is registered I drove it over and got pulled over on the way over by the local cops who comes by once every few days. Got the whole lsst of things wrong with my bike and the residents been complaining about dirt bikes speech. Fortunately he believed the Im sorry I'm just a middle aged guy who got a bug up his ass and aint never been here or gone there before speech. If you want me to turn around and go home or go another way I will... No your registered and insured its ok ...

So get to the trails / track start with the woops. What a difference the front end is smooth, tracking and going where I want it to. the 2 times it washed a lil it was easily corrected. Tony at REP you the man!!!!! The rear was all over teh place bouncing like a pogo stick. The new fron really showed how screwed up the rear is. I just may hand the shock to Tony at the end of the day at Southwick.

So after a few laps on the MX style track I headed of into the woods for some NE Enduro style riding, again smiled about the forks and cursed the rear and then caught a branch between the radiator shroud and radiator cap I was able to straighten the radiator neck with a piece of wood and rock found trail side but couldnt get the tabs on the cap back...

20 minutes of riding and Im happy and sad called it a day and rode back home. the cap was an easy fix and adjusted the shifter, now that the suspension is working I actually have to get it out of second

too be continued...
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