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Originally Posted by biggus View Post
Went to bed at 3am and was hoping to have an answer when I woke up at 11am.

Read and reread threads so now I am going to open her back up and go for it.

Pulled the whole clutch pack out disk by disk. The notch in like every 3rd ear of the friction disk, is this serve a purpose? Oil lubrication? Just to be able to use a pick and pull them out?

I seen in one of CJ's pics or videos, can't remember, all these notches in the friction disks were all in line. When I took mine apart I noticed they were staggered and I could not figure out if it was a specific pattern. I reinstalled them with the notch in one line and making sure the drive disk was installed with the rounded edge facing in to the motor as it was removed. Any way will work, with my billet basket they are all in a row.

I set the EXP Friction Disk up for the 950 as recommended. Installed the Heavy Wedge Weights and 6 Medium Red Springs as stated in the instructions.

Has anyone with a 950 and the EXP found they needed to replace 3 Red Medium Springs with 3 Blue Heavy Springs after the additional Spacing Washers had been included in the Kit?

The Spacer Washers have been determined to do nothing..... You don't need to install them, Rekluse is working on another ""Update" before the next batch is released. You will be fine running your bike as is. I'd start with the Recommended 990 setup to start.

My thoughts.
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