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EXP installed on my 2010 Adv R, no drama, set it up per included instructions, been riding for a week, seems to be working well.

I saw some questions about engine braking on the street, in my experience with the way the unit is working on my bike, I can "downshift" and backdrive the drivetrain to keep everything engaged and enjoy standard engine braking, I could purposefully let the bike get into freewheel mode and coast where it would require a throttle blip to "reengage", but that isn't the norm for me, 99.9% of the time I'm riding as I did before I got the Rekluse, but not having to mess with the clutch lever, and very much enjoying pulling up to the gate at work and not having to hunt for N so I can show my badge, enjoying the low speed control with effectively no fear of stalling, etc...

so, all good for me thus far. I'm a bit worried about super steep descents, because they can give me the willies regardless, but I'm hoping/assuming I'll adjust to that also, and yes the rear brake works pretty well on this bike for those situations so hopefully even if I never get the hang of keeping the Rekluse engaged I can work around it.

So far I'm very happy with the change.

Just as a note - this is my first autoclutch on any bike, so I may be easily impressed...
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