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adjustable sidestand,,been there n done that,,,

Originally Posted by hasenwerk View Post
I have Woody's 21" Excel on the front of my 1100 GS for well over a year now and truely think this is the way the GS should have been out of the box. Zero complaints! I also upgraded the girl friend's 2006 650GS to an Excel 21" from Woody as well.

The only issue that I have, and I would love to see example of how others have solved it is now that the bike is higher off the ground, what do you do about the way too short kick stand? I always thought the 1100 GS kickstand was too short to begin with but now I have to carry a wood 2x4 block on a string that is attached to my tank bag to put under the kickstand when I park the bike - sort of light weighing anchor! This with the Touratech aluminium foot on the kick stand too. Ultimately I would like to see it extended by 5cm (2") but if one was to do that, it would interfere with the center stand. I see on the 1200 GS the kickstand isn't straight like it is on the 1100/1150 rather a bit of a crook in it - anyone do something like this to their 1100/1150? With the extra fuel capacity of the Touratech 41L tank - I need to make sure my bike won't take a nap while it is parked.
ok everyone,,been there and solved that one several years ago,,,
here's the link:

and what the hey???,,all the pics are gone,,,,,
will post some new ones,,

can get ya 1.5'' range,,simple to use ,,,can get ya bigger foot-print at the same time

have one on my R1100GS and my R1200GS,,sweet

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