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Why are WestCo batteries such crap?

Just found out my fourth (& last!!) WestCo is dead after spending the off season on a tender, in a heated shop.

Some background-

Battery #1 arrived and was installed but failed before the month of May, 2 years ago, was out. IIRC, it lasted 29 days exactly. I did contact MK Battery, they did send a replacement which arrived cracked & they sent out another. The package was not damaged, just the battery, which I found odd.

In the meantime:

Not believing it could be a failed, new battery I performed troubleshooting,etc & out of frustration bought a WalMart "neverstart" that I could always use in the tractor. It fired the bike right up.

When the replacement for the replacement arrived I installed that in another bike. That WestCo was in use for 6 months, then stored as per my conversation with Paul(?) at MK battery- on a tender in a heated space. The next spring, which was last year, that battery was leaking. After a few conversations, he sent yet another one my way. Though the bike it was in last year saw minimal use, it was on a tender & it seemed to function fine up to the day I removed it.

Taking it out of storage & installing it earlier today, I was anxious to hear the bike wake up. What I heard was...nothing. No starter, no lights. Dead.

Battery seems to have a "surface" charge only, failing under load. Not only that, but if I'm reading the code correctly, this battery is actually older than the one I initially purchased by one full year!

So, at best for me, a WestCo lasted 6 mos of minimal use. The WalMart version is still going strong.

I'm not interested in any sort of warranty replacement again, pro-rated, 100% free or otherwise & won't even make the call. These batteries, whomever manufacturers them vs labelling, are at least in my experience, crap.

Am I alone in this experience?
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