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A few things I forgot (doh!)

The turn signal had a buzzer to remind you the turn signal was on. I found it loud, and rather annoying. I'm GUESSING this is an aftermarket deal? Would like to know for sure before I disable / remove it. The indicators on the cluster are notice enough for me and I'm used to checking the gauges.

The Tach and Speedo needles would float and bounce around quite a bit as well, guessing this is normal.

There seems to be no kill switch? The turn signals are where I expected the starter to be, and the starter where the kill switch should be. Pressing other things, I didn't find a kill switch. Would be handy to have one especially since the ignition isn't in the most accessible place.

The kickstand is unbelievable picky on how you park the bike, and spring loaded to fold up once you stand the bike up (which is OK I guess as long as it doesn't lead to bad habits on other bikes!). Do people just end up using the center stand all the time? I mean, if the road has much of a crown, you feel like the bike could go over the far side. If you are parked in ANY way down hill, it feels like the stand wants to fold up (aided by the spring) pulling the bike forward and off the stand. I didn't have any problems, but when I stopped I had to try a half dozen places / angles to find one that didn't leave me feeling like the bike was teetering on disaster. And I live in Iowa for goodness sake, It's not like we have much for hills around here. For one photo op, I actually had to do a U turn to park the bike facing up hill to take a picture (not a big hill, nearly flat!) and then the slight crown on the road still left it not feeling very solid. Most difficult time I've ever had with any bike with a kickstand. Do you guys plan your parking days in advance?
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