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Originally Posted by MoonBeamer View Post
$163 for a piece of plastic no matter how "Good" it looks is a bit mutch. If they would only lower the price more people would buy it and they would make more profit. MaMo has been publising alot of stories in the BMW rags about the "Other Guys" stealing there idea and stuff. Well I know they make some neat and useful products. But when it comes down to it.. Its just plastic molded to some shape. Its hard to somach the prices they want for there R&D. I know I am ranting but I get sick of companies Overpricing their items especially when it is gona go on a BMW. If they just made them affordable they would sell alot more products and they would get their R&D money in no time.

It's $75 on Amazon:

It's really a great piece of plastic and certainly worth the not-so-expensive amount of money. For people complaining about the price, if you think there are so many people that want to buy it but refuse to because it's too expensive then take $1000 and get a thermo mould made and make a cheaper one. No one is stopping competition in the market so unless you want to address the price issue yourself then buy it or don't. It's really tiring to see the same complaint so often on the BMW forums: people buying a $12-15k moto and then bitching about the cost of parts but not attempting to do anything about it.

Originally Posted by mAthosalas View Post
Well,sorry...I see that's an old thread but I need some info...Could anyone of you tell me how low it is going that maier's splash guard?Some photos could help a lot and I'll be glad if you post some.Also I read about zip ties that included...what is the utility of them?
Here are some detailed pics without the wheel on. The zip ties cinch it up to the bike where there are no areas in which to bolt onto. I can take pics from the other side if you need detail from that angle, just let me know.

Originally Posted by OMG_WTF View Post
I was taking my rear wheel off and I figured: "what the heck... why not take off the maier guard?"
I did that and noticed the guard had rubbed the black outside layer of the fuel tank. I think some dirt/sand/grit/small pebbles accumulated between the guard and the black outside layer of the tank. It was more than just some slight scuffing, which is why I wanted to give people a heads up.
(I wish I had taken a picture before I put the guard back on.)

Just saying....if you go offroad you might want to take a garden hose and clean that area up every once in a while. It's the part of the guard that faces the engine and touches the fuel tank. The same is probably true for the machine art moto mudsling.
+1 -- this happens on a number of other dirtbikes' mud flaps as well. Some of them are made with thin plastic channels (ribbing or something) and it can/will wear a groove into the alum swingarm over time. The key is to knife off the ribbing so that there aren't any areas that put more pressure on then the rest. In the case of the F8, I can see this happening on the swingarm but I'm not sure how the flap would move enough where it contacts the gas tank unless something was wrong with the installation. Do you have some pics we could see?
I have a feeling that there are some decisions being made on certain teams lately to make things more complex in order to ensure a certain technological standard of confusion is met.
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