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Originally Posted by malcolmzilla View Post
A note on increasing the front drive rate.
As mentioned gearing the rear sproket lower will help close the gap and engage the front earlier, my 530 had a 13/9 front and a 16 tcase input, 45T rear for about a 67% underdrive rate, going to the 52 rear sprocket raised it into the 70% range.
Then I tried the 13/10 front countershaft and 15 tcase input and am at about 80% (same length 420 chain), great in the deep snow on studs, but tends to climb out of the rut a bit too early as it hardly takes any rear spin for the front sprags to engage...
I may go back to 13/9 and 16 for summer (offroad) conditions. Put a 49 on for local dual sporting.
Interesting, my DS450 came with the 13/9 CS, 16T driven sprocket and a 48T rear. This seems to let the back step out quite a bit, so I've ordered the 13/10 and 15 to try. I thought I would try the 13/10 first with the 16, if it fits. I am planning to go Supermoto, so I know I will have to go smaller on the rear sprocket, if not a 14/11 or 14/12 CS?
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