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Originally Posted by EnderTheX View Post
Your point is definitely valid... which is why I went with the Maier myself. The Maier looks great right now and you can't tell it is a non-OEM part.

Besides "stealing their idea" is hardly the case, it's not like the concept is new to motorcycling or they have a patent on it. I myself am a design engineer and my company worries about that stuff but if someone else gets it before you can patent it... tough.

Price has to be a huge factor when you consider the part can be made with a few dollars worth of plastic, 10 dollars worth of thermo-forming and 50 cents worth of fasteners and zip ties. Granted the die for the thermo-form mold may be a couple thousand bucks but you make it up if you price it right and sell more!

Valid point yes, and until there are guys outside buying their stuff they won't change their politics. but one happy point is that for the bike BMW is starting to get the point :

more options included (for new models) for the same price. take the new 1200GS limited edition or the new 1600GT/L.
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