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Day 8
First task for this morning was tightening my bike's chain. It looked already very worn and I started to worry how to get back home with this chain. Actually I knew that chain would be a problem, because it had already 12000km before our trip, but I didn't want to change perfectly good chain than

Our B&B (w/o breakfast )

So we headed to Telavi center to find some breakfast. Minced meet, very tasty. I have forgotten the georgian name for this food though.

Fountain in Telavi

Our plan for today was to go west. We planned to pass Tbilisi and visit Georgian capital on our way back home if we have time.
Next suitable goal from our gps seemed to be Vardzia - the cave city from 12th century.
So we filled our tanks with fuel, typed "Vardzia" as a goal to our gps and hit the road.. Every georgian fuel station has friendly personnel standing next to the pump, ready to fill your bike (car etc) fueltank for you. We never could refuel on our own there!
First km's were nice and smooth asphalt

Straight road, not so common in Georgia

Soon we reached mountains again.

Of course every now and then we encountered some gravel strips.

And you must be prepared for this too

After few hours we reached Georgian only highway, from Tbilisi to the sea.

Next to Tbilisi we found a place with many houses, all similar to each other.

Those houses were built from Georgian government for people who lost they're houses in war against Russia in 2008.
And then was time for lunch.

Wild boar from the restaurant

After lunch Raul's bike's rear tire was flat again. Luckily suitable repair shop was right there, just across the road!

Old patch we glued on few days ago was gone. Now we let specialists to do they're job. And they did it perfectly, we didn't have any problems with tires anymore during our trip. It wasn't easy to work under the sunshine and temperature around +35C (I have no idea how many F, but probably alot )

And soon we were ready to go again. Guys from tire repair refused to take any money from us, so Raul gave them one of the small souvenir bottles with "Old Tallinn" liqueur we had with us. After that they asked us to not drive any further, but stay with them for tonight and have a party. Great! We decided to go on though.
Everywhere in Georgia you must be aware of cows! They can walk everywhere and everybody must wait.

We needed some supplies and found a shop - it's almost a supermarket in Georgia.

When we drove through villages, we discovered that every village has they're own specialty, some were selling bread, some carpets and so on. This village was selling hammocks. We couldn't understand why they were specialized like that. If you missed a village which sells bread you couldn't buy it from another!

We bought a watermelon. They were very surprised when we requested for smaller one, because we couldn't fit regular-sized watermelon on our bikes.

Unfinished bridge over the valley. Georgian road construction department has probably much better funding In the past. We saw such signs everywhere.

Looking for a campsite for tonight we found some really steeep trails and both of us crashed few times before we gave up.

Another dead end.

Looking better.

Found it right before sunset!

Setting up our kitchen

Our dinner

And dessert

And that's it for today. 260km. We believed to be not too far away from Vardzia and visit it tomorrow.

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