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You have designed in too many points for potential oil leaks, rattles and front suspension interference.

The fender is that close to the frame to allow room for the tire under it during full compression, lowering the fender may allow the tire to contact it, which depends on the tire used. No matter what type of material the strap at the top is, the bracket will most likely vibrate against the frame. For what you paid for all the fittings, you could have bought an inexpensive tubing bender and some tubing, requiring only four short pieces of hose and eight clamps to connect it all. You would still need a double flaring kit, but maybe you could borrow one because that would be expensive for a one time use. The way you mounted the cooler, you have blocked 1/3 of the direct air flow.

The first attempt is often not successful. You made your first attempt, but it is not worth praise, keep trying.
I staired a whole thru the breaks until I remembered the carb prolly has a problem to and I'm gonna hafta work on em.
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