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Originally Posted by elsalvadorklr View Post
damn a little harsh but I understand your point

I have a question for you

has anybody done or know whats prefferable, airflow over the valve cover/topend OR lower oil temps with the introduction of an oil cooler?

I ask this cause I have done the fender mod like spud using BIGGER less count holes and thought a liitle more airflow is better than not,

I do not have an oil cooler installed though but want to

If anybody has proof or data that will back up this question Id appreciate this

I think this cooler is a great project well made and a lot of thought put into it, yes it needs a little trimming on the tubes and such as I too think its a little much but I think your last sentence was uncalled for...


to all a happy sunday

Well.........if you vent the back of the fender you get more airflow to the head....that`s a good thing in hot weather......but if you ride in alot of mud then venting the fender causes it`s own issues of caking mud on the fins/head which is really not good.........

A big fin head would probably be the best bet....fins are out farther,catches more air,,venting the fender probably wouldn`t be needed then...depends on how/where you ride i guess...

I know for me,the oil cooler definately stopped the oil from turning charcoal black in 500 miles...that in itself has to be a good thing..

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