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Originally Posted by techforlife View Post
Well.........if you vent the back of the fender you get more airflow to the head....that`s a good thing in hot weather......but if you ride in alot of mud then venting the fender causes it`s own issues of caking mud on the fins/head which is really not good.........

A big fin head would probably be the best bet....fins are out farther,catches more air,,venting the fender probably wouldn`t be needed then...depends on how/where you ride i guess...

I know for me,the oil cooler definately stopped the oil from turning charcoal black in 500 miles...that in itself has to be a good thing..

yeah I vented my fender taking into account that I almost never ride in mud unless I have to...

If I do for some reason I thought about adding screen mesh to the backside and glue it on

my fender is also shorter in the back than stock, its a modded crf250 fender I think


I wish I could find a tranny oil cooler like spuds that I could mount where the xr250 and xr400 coolers mount as that would be the best, protection wise and airflow wise

someday someday

again spud congrats hope the cooler lasts and it looks like it works well so far...maybe just add a littel protection to the pipes and hoses so they dont get snagged?

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