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Originally Posted by Spud Rider View Post

I can't fool you, Brian! I invested in hose clamp stock just before I started this project.

I mounted the oil cooler as high as possible while still maintaining good clearance with the forks when turned to full lock at both left, and right positions. Here are a few photographs to show the full lock, fork positions.

I don't doubt the wheel would contact the oil cooler with full fork compression. However, I don't ride the bike hard enough for that scenario to concern me. If I jumped the bike, or even came close to using full fork compression, I would not have mounted my oil cooler in this location.

I haven't measured for clearance of the oil cooler with full fork compression. However, the doctored photograph below simulates the amount of fork travel available before the wheel impacts the oil cooler. Incidentally, my front fender is now in a different position than the one shown in the photograph.

If I pushed my "piggie" this hard, I certainly wouldn't consider mounting my oil cooler in its present location. However, I plan to ride my KDX220 in the nastier terrain, so I wanted to install an oil cooler for sustained, high engine rpms while riding on the freeway. I am confident I have enough fork travel available for the off road riding I have now reserved for my XR650L.

During the design process for this oil cooler I conferred with my friend Andy, who is an experienced trail rider, and an experienced mechanic of 30 years. I have ridden with him a lot, and he doesn't think I will ever hit the oil cooler with my front wheel. He is also convinced this design is durable, and will not fail me. However, only time will tell. I will be sure to report any problems I encounter with this design.

P.S. Thank you for the kind words. I will certainly check out your rebuild thread!


I`m just concerned that if you hit the brake hard while in a dip in the road that the tire may contact the fender or cooler and launch your butt over the bars when the tire stops don`t be posting pics of you squished against tree....don`t wanna see you get hurt bud

Otherwise it looks sturdy enough..but i`d paint the hose clamps black,,it`d blend in better,,the ones Mark provided were black,,not as noticeable...

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