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1971 TS90 Project!

Bring on the tiddlers! Just picked this TS90 up from an inmate, for the princely sum of $150, in need of some work, but oh so cool!!

The bike came non functioning, with a siezed up kick starter and siezed up brakes, but with a spare motor and spare brand new tyres. When I got it home, I couldn't get the motor to turn over at all, even by bumping the back wheel, so figuring the original motor was going to need to come out, got to work.

Curiously, with the motor on the bench, the kickstarter would now turn the motor over, though the shaft is now upside down, so has no return spring action. The motor would now also turn over with the sprocket, so my initial fears of a locked up transmission were allayed somewhat.

What to do next ... the PO said he had tried the spare motor, but that it wasn't very strong. It did, however, look in better shape than the original. A quick compression check showed that it had about half the compression that the original has. Pulled the head and barrel, and found out why ...

Ooops ... so the question now is where did the rest of the skirt go?! Peering down into the crank, I really can't see any shrapnel down there, so I am wondering whether to swap the piston and cylinder from the original onto the spare bottom end, or whether to split both cases and fix the kick starter mechanism in the old motor.

Any opinions?
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