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Originally Posted by PineyMountainRacing View Post
so, what is supposed to be in the stock toolkit? I rode back over to the dealership yesterday, and picked up the owner's manual and the toolkit. The toolkit was a small vinyl sleeve with 2 allen wrenches (5 & 6 mm) and a flat extension, nothin' else. Basically what you need to take the side panels and the seat off. Dealer said "you don't need no tools 'cause it's a Honda" LOL. I said, yeah, but Hondas get flat tires too ;)

Anyway, I don't mind putting a toolkit together, but I was curious if this is what all the bikes come with?

and, has anyone upgraded their shock spring? I've looked at Racetec, TopGun and FactoryConnection. I haven't really even looked at the shock closely, but I know adjusting the preload will compensate for my big arse.

Yep that's all that is in the toolkit (useless).
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