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Contrary to popular text meant exactly what it said.

I grew up in Illinois with Andrew, we don't have these things called hills out there. Whereas in Washington, they have these miserable hills with ruts, roots, rocks, mud, etc etc...

The first half of the race was a blast. I was railing along on the new to me cr250 that I picked up a few weeks ago.The gas stop was right around mile 30 or so, took a quick breather there, and headed back to the trails.

After the gas stop, however, things changed drastically. The majority of the second half of the 60 miles was gnarly single track from hell.

I decided that I 100% need a rekluse clutch if I want to even think about doing another enduro, or hare scrambles on the west side of the mountains out here. Towards the end, I was using all four fingers to pull in my clutch, and three fingers to use my front brake. What I was middle of second gear riding at the beginning of the day, I was idling in first gear in survival mode.

I firmly believe that I have a great bike for the races, except for the lack of an auto clutch. Get that taken care of, and I think I'll have a fighting chance of enjoying myself throughout the entire race.

I would much rather ride on the east side of the mountains, more open, sandy, flatter (similar to Illinois, but a bit more sand), but I'm a stubborn S.O.B. and will take what I can get.

See you guys at the races.
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