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It could be the valve cover gaskets. My R100 did that on the left side. I could never get it to stop, until I doubled up on the gaskets. If it's in a spot outboard of the exhaust pipe, that's it.
Unfortunately, it looks like you can trace the oil pretty clearly to the head gasket area. Just inboard of the pipe, on the front of the motor seems to be the source. Valve cover gaskets seem to be OK, though I'll probably replace them anyway since it looks like I'll be in there.

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I'll second the suggestion that the clutch may be "sticky" and to lube the splines. Also, you would be amazed at what a difference fresh gear oil in a transmission can do. That being said, the Getrag transmissions are known as "crash boxes" for a reason. Much like shifting an old tractor. All part of the charm old son.

I'll also add that you should expect more oil seeps from any aged gasket. I'm replacing as needed every gasket and rubber bit on my R100RT. On the bright side, as I like to tell me "must-be-cleaned-and-waxed-never-ride-when-it-might-rain-American-Iron" riding co-workers, rainstorms also double as bike washes, and the oil leaks mean I don't need to worry about the bike rusting!

Enjoy the old BMW. They are the consummate gentlemen of the motorcycling world.
I most certainly will enjoy it! I don't mind any of the quirks per say, but not being familiar with these bikes it is hard to know what is a quirk and what is a potential problem!
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