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If it goes no higher then somebody got a good deal but no telling how high it might go. I can tell you I've seen these sell for over a hunnert on Ebay. I do think that is too much to pay for most people. They might still be available but I haven't seen any other than the auctions for some time. I think the last one I saw new was still 70 or 80 bucks but I'm not sure about that.

I don't even remember what I paid for mine 30 years ago. But I still have it.

At this point if you wanted to try and win this item don't bid any more but "snipe" it. I use a service called Gixen. You can find them with Google easy enough.

That wrench is the cast iron one. There is also a cast Aluminum one that I don't have but think they look OK. Max BMW sells the Aluminum one pretty cheap;

And there is one sold by Cycle Works that works with a half inch breaker bar.

I think most recommend the Cycle Works wrench and it also has the big advantage of being small enough and light enough to sometimes be carried on the bike.
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