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Originally Posted by ctune80 View Post
Those were more than Yellow fork legs, they were trick Simons forks.

Here is a link to a Cycle News article about Marty's LOP bike. It actually displaced 493cc!

I'm a 465 owner too, mines an H model 1981. Bought it new, back in the day, influenced by Marty's win
and all of the magazine raves no doubt!

In 1983 I was stationed at Great Lakes IL (Navy) I met a few of the LOP gang, including Craig Anderson
one of the guys that built Marty's bike. Never met Laurens Offner, but the guys at the Suzuki shop I hung
out at, shared many tales of the exploits at LOP!

Here's my bike in '82 at Carlsbad.

Yeah I know they were Simons Forks, Titanium from what I understand. While I cannot obtain those Forks I still want my Forks to have that look. ;-)

I also have a 1981 and it is what I was going to use to do this project with at first, but it is just too far gone so it is now my emergency parts bike.

I am taking the project very slow. Slowly obtaining piece by piece, I am not well to do by any means so this project will take some time but will be well worth it and will be done correctly.

I am going to start taking pics tomorrow to catalog the entire process.
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