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Originally Posted by KyoXR View Post
Good job Spud!

we need more fabricators out there doing stuff like this!

don't let the nay-Sayers get you down,(from reading several different forums)

also on a side note,I keep reading about how bad it would be if you got mud on your cooler (from several different forums) oil will still be cooler then without a oil think that somehow getting mud on your oil cooler will make it hotter then running no cooler at all just doesn't make sense.
I was just stumbling around Thumpers and found your oil cooler project. I agree with Kyo, a good project, and very good pics to show what you're doing. Figure something out, build it, take notes, make improvements if they become necessary, ride. It's projects like this that got man on the moon and robots on Mars.

I had an oil temp gauge in the drain plug (yep, bad location, but a first try) and saw 275* on a slow, hot jeep road. It's also where the oil is hottest; like your choice, before the cooler. But that's why I run full synthetic (Mobil 1 automotive, 15-50). If Suzuki is happy with15-50 dino oil in the DR650, I'm more happy with synthetic. It's my safety factor. And I'm sure that's a whole bucket load cooler than what the NASCAR engines are running. The DR has 2.5 qt capacity, another comfort to me.

Anyway, my suggestion: add another alum strap as high as possible, under the frame tube (red arrow). Even though the cable tie will dampen vibration, it's a weak spot. Keep up the experimenting and I'll tell NASA to look for you here.

Ok, I'm goin' back to the DR650 thread, before I get stoned by Honda riders.

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"BTW, I don't do style. It's a dirt bike, not some girlie dress-up thing." -

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