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Originally Posted by elsalvadorklr View Post
spud Im not sure but im pretty sure in the pic of memnok bike, that the outer tube is defintely NOT touching the clamp base of the inner slider where the wheel axle passes

its internally on BOTH styles of forks that you bottom out, spring and cartridge wise

but Im willing to learn more on this scenario, id love to hear some more input from the pro's!


I was going to post this pic on here saw it posted again on the xrl thread but you got it!

Thanks for your input, Christian. I have USD forks on two other motorcycles. On one bike I will bottom out the USD forks occasionally. I think you're correct; the outer fork tube might not hit the lower clamp in that situation, but it comes pretty close.

Originally Posted by elsalvadorklr View Post
hey spud the reason people have issues with fork caps, is because they dont put their THINKING CAPS on before removing them! wink wink...

you HAVE TO make positively sure that you loosen the top pinch clamp bolts on both sides and sometimes even wedge delicately a flathead screwdriver in the slot to open up the clamp a bit to where you can easily and softly unscrew the caps, same for tightening....

if your forks are stock youlll be amazed when you unscrew those caps off, you actually have negative "preload" on the springs, in other words they are loose in there, if the springs are well used a little shimiing or fork spacer under the cap and between the spring works to eliminate this issue

just thought this might help a bit
Thank you, Christian. Indeed, I always loosen all the top pinch bolts in the triple tree, and loosen the fork caps themselves, before I remove the forks for servicing.

I am very willing to remove the fork caps to test if the front wheel contacts my oil cooler. However, it seems if I remove the fork caps, nothing will stop the fork tubes from compressing until the outer tube hits the lower part of the triple tree. Therefore, I'm not sure this test will give me the information I seek. If the fork cap remains screwed to the damping rod (as planned), will the damping rod still limit fork compression with the fork caps removed?

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