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Originally Posted by barnyard View Post
Someone here wrote a review of the dirtwise school. By the end of the school the reviewer commented that his/her riding had improved substantially and on the 2nd day was already able to do things that seemed impossible the day before.

Your trials background definitely gives you a leg up, I suspect that Wattsy is going to help you on your cornering speed and taking obstacles at speed.

If he talk about downhill sections, pay close attention. Downhills are prime passing opportunities. Seriously.
You've pinpointed my 2 huge weaknesses. Overall cornering speed & hitting obstacles faster. I'm pretty comfortable railing turns that have a decent berm to them. Flat\wide open turns (no banks) I greatly struggle with. I suppose it boils down to trusting my front tire to hook up & being more comfortable with steering with the rear. Again one of them time & practice situations.

Same goes with going over obstacles. I like hopping up and over tall stuff. It's a great feeling being on top of something that you feel a dirtbike shouldn't have just hopped up onto. Unfortunately I need to figure out how to do that at a quicker speed instead of slowing, hopping over, and gassing away. I find this particularly annoying with crossing telephone poles. As before, no issue actually getting over it, but doing it at speed....another ball game. I find if I go fast, and plant the front tire just at the top of it, my rear end gets kicked up hard and I find myself getting punted by my seat. Slowing down to cross, I just lose a lot of time. Maybe I need to look at them as mini jumps? From what I've read, I believe this is something that they work on at the Shane Watts school.

Here is an old pic of doing a tractor tire on my 450. I did a similar one a couple weekends ago on the WR250. So much easier on the Husky. A quick pop and it was up and over. The 450 wasn't bad, but the confidence in doing things on the Husky is way better.

Downhills I absolutely love. They seem to have this cool factor of a fine line between HOLY CRAP I'M OUTTA CONTROL and on the gas accelerating, and some brakes at the end to get you through the inconvenient 180 degree turn right at the bottom.

Ok, back to work. Getting distracted far too easily. Can you tell I like riding motorcycles?

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