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I borrowed a friend's 2010 KTM 450EXC Christini with Rekluse and that thing worked like magic. Spent an entire day in slick wet woods of N Kentucky that had been used for a hare scramble a few weeks before. The traction was neverending with the heavier flywheel of the exc and Rekluse it's just a matter of dialing the throttle and letting it pull.

It doesn't have the snap that many people expect from a 450 but it always feels like it has traction. Having that front wheel pull you through tight slick turns or up snotty rocky hills or through a mud bog is such a cool feeling. I think my next bike will be a the 300 Christini (Gas Gas 2-Stroke motor) with Rekluse since I already have a 450XC-W with Rekluse as a DS bike.

Also, +1 on the comments about people misunderstanding the technology. Every idea takes time to come around. The rekluse is in the same boat. Go try one of each for a few days before you make up your mind.
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