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Originally Posted by gunnerbuck View Post
I carry a 2 speed hand operated bike pump and CO 2 cylinders on all my rides... The 2 speed pump should be still available at mountain bike shops... They work pretty good, use the high volume setting to air up quicker and then shift to the high pressure setting to bring it up to final pressure...

On a longer multi day ride I'll throw in an electric pump... I used an electric pump that I picked up from an auto supply store that works pretty good, but is a little bulky... Most guys rip the cover housing off these pumps to make them much more compact...

I recently picked up the much more compact Slime pump after watching one in action as to where it was used to fix several flats and performed the job flawlessly...

Both the slime pump and my auto store cheapy outperformed the Cycle Pump at 1/10th the price... I found the Cyclepump to be slow and prone to overheating....
That pretty much sums it all up! very good comments!
I used my first elec. pump doing Copper Canyon in '98, a generic sports pump whose housing I broke off. It worked OK but within a month self destructed from being bashed around in the luggage. I've had two SLIME pumps. The latest one is OK, comes in it's own little case. Slow, gets hot, takes up space. I've gone back to using Q U A L I T Y ... bicycle pumps.

They too get trashed riding where I keep mine. But replacing them once every two or three years is worth it. It's still work to pump up ... most times I pump only to 15 PSI ... then ride to compressed air ... if possible.

Here is my bike pump mounted on my DR650. FUNKY! but it always works!

I now wrap the pump in old bicycle rubber tube and wrap in Elec. tape. Keeps crud out of pump.
Not all pumps are created equal. Get a good one.
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