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Originally Posted by Nessman View Post
Here's mine...

'05 DR650 goes like stink, makes me do stupid things and makes commuting a joy. Street only with Shinko 705s.

I only get 30mpg and I'd like to fix that.

What I have
-Top cut out of airbox with foam filter
-What appears to be the Dynojet needle with the clip just over halfway up.
-42.5 idle, there's something before the 42.5 but I can't make out what it is.
-160 main, just 160, no other markings.
-Aftermarket longer mix screw out just over one turn.

Is that a full DJ kit or bitsa?

I know pop-a-wheelies out of corners and wannabe supermotoing don't help but they are fun....
That's the usual set up for a free flowing exhaust.

30 mpg is very bad. I would fix that now. Check your oil and make sure your not dumping fuel in the sump.

Its probably a leaking petcock or dried out o-rings on the float. Maybe a worn float needle too.

Procycle sells a refresh kit with the rubber parts.

Float height needs to be .58" and make sure its all air inside. Old floats can leak and get heavy.

I would guess its the o-rings.

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