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So maybe I need some input here. I realize I've only smashed my foot a second time here in about 18 months, but it's been 2 times too many. Are there any good suggestions for avoiding smashing my feet into things? I'm sure it'd help a bit with some smaller boots, but as you can see, I got some serious finger toes, so I'd have to lob them off to fit something smaller than size 13 boots. I mentioned earlier that I really dislike the Alpinestar Tech 8's. The boots have an "inner booty" that annoys the snot out of me. After you wash the boots, that booty feels like it shrunk 2 sizes. Then cram your foot into a shrunken leather boot. Long story short, they've annoyed me almost from day one. I thought they'd provide more protection, but I'm honestly not finding that to be the case.

Keep my toes up? I try this best I can, and maybe I need to ride on the balls of my feet more? Tricky though with non stop rear brake work (and no, I won't be getting a left hand rear brake). I'm up for suggestions here on this one. In the meantime, I'll be waiting on my replacement radiator & getting myself prepared for the Shane Watts school.

Gearne SG10's

Had mine for over 2 years of doing 2 full seasons of british enduro's and rallies,and they are still holding up great, the first boot that you can actually move you ankle up and down in, really worth a look, they have a hinge system so you can move your foot but it doesnt reduce te protection.

Also this might sound stupid but try learning to ride by almost resting your big toes on the frame rails, I have size 13 feet aswell and this is the only solution I have found to not nabbing your toes through the rocky rooty stuff :)
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