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Thank you for the link in your above post. I love the YZ465 so very much. I love the motor. I just hope that I don't mess up the power band with this Replica Project. I think I will go to Eric Gorr and just ask him to keep a nice broad power range. Nice smooth and torquey throughout the range.
looking forward to your thread and seeing it unfold. for some reason the 465 seems more relevant the 490. I bought an IT 465 right here on advrider a few years back but after I realized I didn't have any place to ride or a decent garage to tinker in I sold it. It was a white one and even had a title so plating it in NY was an option. I always remember we went to a Hare Scrambles in my Dodge with my KDX 400, a Maico 400 Magnum, and a YZ 465. Had to slide one of the bikes in backwards. As I recall at the time someone from a team called PDQ that was running Yamah's was there, a mechanic for one of the riders. It might even have been Statens mechanic they were a short lived team but had some pretty decent names on board. Any way that mechanic went by me on a team bike like I was standing still, probably a 465. so many stories from back then. so trivial but so important. good luck to you and Kevin in the other thread.
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