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Feb 16, 2012

The day's ride for the four of us starting out on the in and out section down at the bottom left near Mindo @ El Remanso and going on the gold track North and West in the circle towards Imbabura and back to the PanAmerican at Otavalo.

Camillo had a pretty neat setup going that should only get better with time, it was discussed maybe him and Raul's places being a little go between ADVbikers going from one good spot to another on nice little roads instead of running so much time on the PanAmerican, I think it could work nicely
El Ramenso aka PuraVida right before leaving out:

Raul, Karla, and I went back into town right across the street from the pizza place the night before for some good coffee and special brownies while we waited for Camillo to finish up his last bit of business:

Oh the memories

Then we where off after a quick stop to fuel of the bikes with the lesser tanks


And of course the rains that spoiled our beach plans tried to slow us down a little in the jungle too:

We still ended up finding some really nice riding in the mountains of Ecuador and with such a good fuel price to boot who could complain of just a little rain and mud

Our day didn't get started until late, seemed to be an on going theme down in Ecuador with the company but all was good, it was a great half day's riding on good tracks me even trying to get everybody lost once or twice looking for those great little roads in the countryside

In the above picture these kids just took off running like their asses where on fire, I never did figure it out but just caught this girl running down the side of the road as I passed by:

She was hoofing it pretty good at a decent elevation Maybe she liked motorbikes too

We came down into Otavalo well into the evening dark hours and found a decent place to share a meal, I had to splurge and go for the costillos(ribs for you English speakers) to go along with all the trail dust I'd ate + one Bud. Good day!

After a nice dinner with friends it was decided that Raul and Karla would spend a nice night away from the kids at a special place the knew well from before and Camillo and myself would head on up the big road to Ibarra where he had an amigo he thought would give us some tent space or floor space or somewhere nice to sleep for the rest of the night.

I said my goodbyes to Raul and Karla, thanks for being some awesome hosts and I was happy you stopped by that day at Guidos, I had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys and your famlies

Camillo and I headed up the dark PanAm a little ways to get to his pal Steffan's new place he shared with his yet to meet uber hot wife and young son. Nice night riding with little traffic to deal with:

Steffan met us on one of those street legal quads and led us to the nearest tienda for a twelve packs of cold ones to unwind at the house drinking and telling stories.

We got a nice greeting by his big Saint Bernard and a nice friendly Golden after they figured out we where friendlies

We sat around drinking and smoking later into the night and sleep well after another great day riding in Ecuador.

Feb 17
In the morning I got a better look at Steffan and his wife's great new house, I really liked the construction, I'm getting ideas all the time when I travel.

I got their boy's bed as he stayed upstairs with them last night, speed racer style:

The front door was cool by itself:

Love the inset pivot hinge points like that.

Good guards waiting right outside well behaved and all:

Camillo showing the scale of the place:

Sometimes a person needs one of these little things Nice decoration:

The view at the back of their new place was great as it back up to a big gorge/valley as the place came up to meet the moutains and it provided a great view and location on the high ground:

Did I mention how beautiful Steffan's wife is, yeah she's a model and rides those jumping horses too

Loved their old bath tub upstairs in the master bath they where still finishing out the final touches here but it was a neat setup:

A damn nice breakfast to start the day was also included:

The steads out front, I planned to let Steffan ride my bike and me on the quad but it had some fuel delivery problems or something so he road two up with Camillo until we got up to the hard roads where I swapped with him and let him try out the big mexican whore.
That last section up the muddy hill was a slug or a section, they made it up easier than I did it looked like:

He was a very experienced enduro racer in Ecuador and had been around motorbikes more than his fair share and owned a Chinese import cycle shop called Moto Club. Right before I let him ride my bike Camillo and Steffan where coming around a blind corner with a little too much speed and a car coming the other way nearly put them into a wild high side as he locked up the breaks, it was an unbelievable recovery that I'm sure they both shite themselves a little. I pulled up beside in amazement that he was able to save it by pure luck I could only say The way it goes. I felt Steffan really needed to ride my bike and I would be sure and try to slow Camillo down

He even did a great job splitting the lanes

Thanks Steffan for letting me sleep in your house, the least I could do is let you ride my bike since your no stranger to them
I check out his Husaberg enduro race bike, what a nice feeling rig, this would be some fun in the rough stuff, wild motor placement in these babies:

He said he would be able to help out travelers coming through if he could here: 020'47.30"N / 78 8'9.46"W

We said our goodbyes and took of North for the border but as I had already ridden this stretch I talked Camillo into getting off the big road and after finding a nice route farther West on the Garmin unit and get us off to some good stuff in the countryside tuning off the PanAm just Norh on the road from Salinas here at waypoint 501 headed for El Angel on the gold track with the green being the PanAm that I took heading South.

We where headed back to Colombia on some good roads
More to come I got to go run some errands before I leve tomorrow.
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