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Kofa wildlife refuge located roughly between Quartzite and Yuma.
The ride is big bike friendly and we explored the East side of the Kofa's.
Something to keep in mind is that Google Earth, GPS software, and topo maps show many roads in the area, but it's not true. We found many roads blocked by fences and some roads just didn't exist.

A long time old high school friend joined me today on the trusty XR.

The road heading in is very big bike friendly and the desert flora is coming to life this time of year.

The first trail doesn't seem to be traveled much which later we find a fence in our way.

We ride the fence line road north 7 miles, where the GPS (Ziggy) has informed me of another way in.
The road dilutes into desert and we find ourselves searching for ways around obstacles.

Into the mountain range, somehow my friend inadvertently chose the more adventurous route.

I park my bike and walk down to give a hand.

He rides ahead to relax, and I start the climb.

We reach our first destination. Hoodoo Cabin.

As the sign says, you can stay here, and it doesn't cost you a thing, just clean up after yourself.

Searching the place out.

Don't use the stove.

One of the medallions that aided in the assembly of the cabin.

We head off northwest to find the next destination.

Wilbanks Cabin

This was probably my favorite one. My buddy raided his kids lunch supply and we sat on the porch eating fruit roll ups, animal crackers, and small oranges, catching up on old times. You know, "whatever happened to so & so?.... is he still locked up in the Colorado State Penn?"........"hell, I don't know, he might be dead by now"......
"did you know so & so still lives at home with his parents?".......

That could've been anyone of us, but we learned how to run really fast from the cops & never got caught. We cleaned up our lives & now we can go play, still act like a bunch of kids, ride bikes, shoot BB guns, and go on great adventures.

The reason were out here is part of the RCC, and we met the expected goal.

Our last destination is the Kofa cabin. It is by far the nicest, but doesn't offer the views of the other two.

It's been many years since my buddy has ridden and he's starting to feel his age right about now.

A military flight path overhead

That's defining it pretty good, no scooters or jeeps, all else is good.

All 3 cabins are free to stay as long as you help by cleaning the places up.
I plan on going back out and possibly spending a couple of nights in a couple of the cabins while exploring other area's out here. I've read that there's suppose to be big horn sheep in the area.
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