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Originally Posted by Bob599 View Post
If you don't mind being off topic what kind of tarp is that?

Not off topic at all, if it gets packed on a FE, it's on topic in this thread.

It's a Chinook Technical Outdoors Guide Tarp. I bought mine on ebay years ago from a Canadian seller, but now it's available in the States.
It's served me well, though I only bring it when I know we will be camping with rain, like last week with it raining/snowing 80% of the time I was camping so it's was a good choice to make space for. It packs about the size of a grapefruit in a compression bag and traveled in the Large Wolfman Rolie panniers I have on the FE.

A Kelty Tarp Pole completed the setup, and was packed in a Sea to Summit tent pole bag with my fishing poles on the FE. The Sea to Summit tent pole bag is important since it has loops to run my straps through to "lock" the bag(s) to the bike, even if the strap comes loose I won't loose my stuff. BTDT.

Here you can see the Tent Pole Bags, one with the tent poles - one with 2 fishing poles + the tarp poles. You can also see the SAE plug hanging out, the Kreiga US10 bag under a MSR Dromdary 4L water bag held on with a cargo net, Giant Loop Mojave bag (NOT WATERPROOF!), GL Muffler Guard and the Seat Concepts seat + Airhawk pad.

It's nice to see the interest in traveling on the FE, admittedly Cyrus's "Ultimate Lightweight Adventure Bike" write up was the moment of realization for me that lead to months of following FE forums and finally making the plunge when a perfect hardly used bike came around at the right enough time.... he nailed it with thinking Husaberg gave us a great platform to start with for traveling on such a high performance bike. I've always known my lightweight travel bike would not be orange, not disrespect intended. The "Swedish Mistress" has all the right ingredients there for us to utilize and enjoy.
I've tried to contact him with no luck to get more info on his oil mods, since that's the big one I need to figure out to really get some freedom on this FE. Hopefully he's out riding somewhere far away on his FE having fun.
Having spent so many miles adventuring on a bike that was double the weight of the FE, I really am in heaven now. What would have been stressful or scary is now enjoyable. Of course there's compromises to be made for having such a lightweight bike, but for me and where I want to RIDE this bike to it will work out just fine I believe.

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