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I originally posted this just over 1 year ago... and got the Nachtflug nod of approval... even if (as he points out) my bike was near stock.

Originally Posted by nachtflug
a black 1150, stone stock, even has the stock hand rail on the back. I miss my hand rail, it went when the Givi came. your basicaly cheating by submitting a stock black 1150 with good camera angles showing it in its best views. but alls fair, and if a lot of these yahoos can't figure out how to submit a winner, thats to goddam bad.

this bike, does not suck.
but now the bike has been modified and used... Nachflug would you be so kind as to pass your eye over her one more time... does my GS suck

how it came from the above to look like below can be found here

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