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Chapter 4: A Wedding

Chapter Four: A wedding.

2011 was special. Well, they are all special I guess, but this was a wedding year. As much as Iím tempted to create a photo biography of the lucky couple, I will mostly restrain myself for their privacy. Iím not really sure they would care actually.


Burning Man actually has a reputation for destroying more relationships then it cements. Sure, there are the amped up hook-ups that seem to be magical meetings of soul mates. Those tend to fizzle out after a few months back in the ďdefaultĒ world. Some of them make it. And there are plenty of sweethearts that get into the world where things you never dreamed of are true and a few too many fantasies can become reality and cocktails are ubiquitous and clothing is somehow an enhancement of nudity. Yeah plenty of couples come apart in that environment. And not in the ways you might think where people just want to bone other people. Thatís there, but mostly it has a lot more to do with having a blank canvas as large as you could possibly want, surrounded by other artists of life working out their dreams and cheering you on to live yours, and if you are bound to someone and your dreams donít synchronize with theirs, or you canít work out how to fly free but hold each other, or you suddenly find them casting judging looks and saying denigrating words about the very embodiment of something you did not until this moment realize was a vibrant part of your soul, well its hard to come back from that.
And then there are those years where people who have their soul mate meet their other soul mate. And then a few years where people discover that their soul mate has been in camp this whole time theyíve just been too busy goofing around. Well, so, Coach and Kitty probably cover that whole spectrum. Good years, bad years, relationship here, relationship there. It was probably all about the sex at first and then some folks found themselves redeemed and finally getting the best they deserved out of life. And all that with grey hair in the goatee.

So one of our favorite days is Go Big Friday. And it started to go big with a wedding. Weddings were a theme this year. We were a little more service oriented this year and so a number of us volunteered to do a few weddings as we have a six foot tall black woman in camp who can be nice for up to twenty minutes at a time and can sign wedding licenses in the state of Nevada. At one wedding the poor couple didnít really seem to know what they wanted. I couldnít stand it, stepped in to arrange the wedding party, set photographers up for good angles, and bam, I was a wedding fluffer. At Coach and Kittyís wedding I got a wee sloppy in my fluffing thanks to all the scotch and a long day of skipping around flirting with Brits and attending cocktail parties and random bars out it the middle of no where.


Anyone look familiar in that picture?

Yes, these ladies...NOT brits, just not very friendly Californians. Whatever...


But my small amount of work turned out. For example, notice how the alter is lined up with the tire tracks as the sparkle ponies emerge from the horizon.


It was the year we became a family.



Some people claim that there's a woman to blame. But I know. It's my own damn fault.

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