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Some shots of my shock res conversion...

From a useless 1986 Yamaha version that needs a nitrogen needle and is non-adjustable...

To an orsum 1983 Honda version that is easily filled and adjustable (not that you can tell the difference on the bike, but it's got a dial )...
and with the longer line, it means I can remove the shock without also removing the airbox, airbox boots and carbs...

WR250 "gay" muffler - stealth mode engaged...

Damper mount...
The speedo splashes were from another job and my bike was a bit too close.
He's given me some stuff to polish it up.

Crank it above 7 and watch the stainless post flex

The damper isn't centered where I'd like but it's going to work fine.
The post leans slightly to the right which offends my OCD and sense of tidyness (stop laughing) but will be ok.

Looks like 3-5 will be normal settings.
Once I've been running it for a while, I'll dump the 10w and re-fill with 5w which should get the adjuster in the middle of the settings.
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