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youll get it bud!

hey spud again good stuff,

I found out big holes work better than smaller holes, the smaller ones act like a mesh screen on the intake of the airfilter, it pretty much just "configures" the air into an area and smooths it out, but for something like this you want buckets of wind which bigger holes or a complete cutout will acheive

here is my drilled front fender on my 88xr600, its from a crf250x its acerbis its crude but it works man, the holes are big and they are directed right over the head, not onto the cylinder, I took 3 inches off the back of this fender too and so far I have no issues with mud caking the cylinder much...

I do avoid mud though when I can

My temps after spirited riding(I check right after shutdown and during the middle of rides, I dont have a temo dipsitick yet but want to make one) are great.

Yesterday after a stint at speed on our highways and back to the house I got 205f for oil temp, perfect. Now I have gotten up to 250f and that was testing right after singeltracking uphill...the big pigs do not like this, at least mine doesnt.

I also decided against the use of an oversize tank for this reason, it blocked airfllow and the tank itself was to close to the head and the gas would boil on occassion! so I had a new clarke oem replacement tank made and no hot gas issues...

I believe back in the days scott summers modified his gas tanks and made TUNNELS to channel airflow over and through the head(valve cover) AND back towards the airbox to get fresh air...

not face to face with the cyilnder as it has fins anyways and gets direct air...

he also used as we all know the xr250r oil cooler in what I think is the best position and that is up at the headstem where clean air coming right of the fender is the best, just like a wing on an airplane.

again kudos to you for the write up, you'll get it right Im sure

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