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There is no doubt a Rekluse is an advantage in technical situations.
Where you are about to kill your bike through say rocky sections.
But I think it makes it easy for the unexperienced riders to jump on to an 'auto' bike.
Mid lifers who jump from auto cars who have no idea on how to shift any manual transmission (I have a friend like that lol:-/).
Sure it works for them, but they never really learn to use a manual tranny properly.
If you learn to use your manual gearbox in stop & go traffic, you will also be better with your clutching (and gear selection) through technical off pavement.
It could be a big seller, but it will (mostly) be bought for the wrong reason on the 658/800.
I could enjoy a Rekluse I suppose on my 658, but I would rather have one on a dedicated dirtbike.
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