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Originally Posted by mrt10x View Post
wont the rear Safari tank limit your ability to use rear luggage like your Giant Loop or a Wolfman Rollie system?

Yes, as why I've gone with the front tank panniers setup, amount other reasons.
I feel I needed to choose if I wanted extra fuel up front with panniers in back or visa-versa. Having a big front tank and tank panniers would be too wide and put too much weight over the front wheel, and I'd rather have more room to move around in the back instead of packing bags on the seat. That's just a personal preference though, if the GL bags were actually 100% waterproof it would make my decision much harder.... but they are not waterproof and I can't travel like that, and don't want to put bags into bags. Again, that's just me.
I chose to keep the front end the same as I like how it feels/looks as it is, and packing tank panniers on it is working out OK. Having the rear tank I believe will give me better flexibility with choosing what fuel goes where and how it's used since I can essentially isolate the rear tank from the bike by closing the valves, not using it at all but still being able to fill up the OEM tank when it's not needed.

Does anyone have any photos of the rear safari, preferably from the top looking down?

Currently one side of my GL Mojave holds tools, tubes, air pump, tow straps, etc. The other side holds a MSR Dromedary bag I've used for carrying extra fuel.
Worst case I loose one side of the Mojave with the rear Safari, but I won't need it anyways not needing to carry fuel in a bag. I'm still not sure how the rear safari will effect the GL mojave bag

I'm waiting for that slick skid plate/tool box that Lukas and the Husa ADV Team used to become available to the public, then I can utilize the one side of the GL bag for other things, or lose it altogether.... any word on that toolbox Lukas?... how did it work out for you guys?

I see your post Bogey, I have to run and will reply soon.
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