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I think you've again nailed it. When I raced the Endurocross at Indy in 2010, I was blown away by the pro's nailing the piece of timber as they launched into the wood pile section after it. I will work on this. What could possibly go wrong? I'll work my way up in speed.

My buddy has the Gaerne SG10's or 12's. They look really nice. I had tended to stick with the A* mostly due to knowing that they fit well (road race and trials boots). I also scored the Tech 8's on ebay for like 150$ New in Box, so hard to pass that up. Right now I just hate to drop 500$ on another pair of boots.
I'll give the resting my toes on the rails a look. I took a quick look at the bike last night, but noted the engine sits well outside the frame. If anything I'll keep in my mind to keep toes pointed in.

I'm going into the school with as open of a mind as I can. I'm sure I've got plenty of bad habits that need breaking. I want to do whatever I can to get myself comfortable taking things to the next level. I could sit and watch how-to videos all day long on the simplest of things. If I got something goofy with my basics, I wanna sort it out asap.

In other news, I broke out the oxy-acetylene torch yesterday and got to fixing the radiator. Initial operation wasn't the prettiest, but pressure testing it, it held air, so I was happy:

I figured I'd be extra safe & brought out the welding equivalent of Duct Tap.....JB Weld:

I know it'll lose some of it's cooling capacity, but it'll make for a useful spare. Spare are good.

Thanks again for all the suggestions. I greatly appreciate them
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