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Originally Posted by J Lewis View Post
But if you are even considering spending the huge amount of money to go and compete in a race like the Dakar, why would you not be fully prepared? I often tell riders that I can save you 10-20 minutes a day by teaching you how to not make navigational errors. Even if you just make one right turn in an area of confusion think of the 5-10 guys you pass, the dust you donít have to ride in and then the following day you are riding with faster riders. This is compounded every time a critical navigation spot comes up.
This advice is spot-on in my opinion.

In addition, if you get off the route, you won't have any insight to the hazards that are coming. More than a few folks didn't finish this year when a navigation mistake compounded with trusting the roadbook to predict hazards, led to a big crash.
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