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hey guys, thanks for all the offerings. maybe i should have started a new thread rather than necro bumping this one. i've been looking at all these suggestions but this is primarily for a summer european road tour - off road element will be minimal.

i was hoping to find something that answered all of these requirements:

easy zip on and off
works as a rucksack
has a built in stowable helmet carrier

i like the sleek, minimal lines of the fandango but I think it only has the grab handle for carrying (?) I'd really like to be able to carry my tankbag on my back when off the bike and keep my hands free. Same goes for the helmet. I don't really want to leave it on the bike and carrying it in your hand is a pain if you're doing much wandering on foot.

the kriega system is excellent but, although the US 5, 10 and 20, can all function as tankbags with the tank adapter, they cannot function by themselves as rucksacks. They can however be attached, as expansion bags to any of the kriega rucksacks and they are without doubt fully waterproof without rain covers. i'm thinking of picking up a couple of US10s or 20s to sit on top of my sw motech trax evo aluminium boxes.

kriega do however do a neporene helmet skin with d rings on it that i could use, with a piece of webbing and clips to attach to the bottom of a tankbag's rucksack straps, so i may well pick one of those up.

mmmmm, so looks like i'm down to a famsa or ktm tank bag with rain covers and the kriega helmet carrier. i'd possibly go with the fandango if it had rucksack straps - an orange one would suit my orange bike and the giant loop great basin, should i decide to go that route for my soft luggage option.

thanks again everyone
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