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Originally Posted by parkerfe View Post
The new e-starts is a simple bolt-on for the older 300s. I just sold my 450EXCR and plan to replace it with a 300XC-W and dual-sport it.

Ah,its a 2 stroke,,they kick pretty easy.

Sounds like your doing the right thing.Have you rode a late model 300?
It'll feel like a BMX bike compared to the 450.
I own both 2 and 4 strokes,have for many years.
I have to say not being a big guy,or in what someone would call shape.The 2 strokes just dont beat the hell out of me,i get alot less worn out,and ride harder for longer.
I like carry'n my momentum,and playing the gear box.
My 4 strokes have the bottom end,,but really,dont notice it unless im lazy and not paying attention to what gear im in.But the 300 has a heavy fly wheel and isnt as picky bout gears as say my 200XCW.Which you just gotta mind what gear your in,,shit theres 6 of them to chose from.
I do forget about the lack of motor brake on occation with the 2 strokes.But just slam the rear brake,down two gears and hammer down!

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