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Originally Posted by BogeyMan View Post
I thought about replying as a PM, but decided against it as there might be some interest from others...

Hmmm... I have a number of these - see notes inline.

How well does 14/45 work for you on the trail?

It works just fine so far, of course it would be better at times to have lower gearing but that's the price I pay for wanting to ride my dirt bike everywhere. 65-70 on pavement and the motor is just humming along nicely, with up to 90 mph spurts possible if needed to pass or whatever. A little clutch work in 1st in the tight knarly climbs.

No issues with ignition switch clearance for me with the HDB bars, not even close.

Trail Tech Map Switch, Not sure about this one. Do you feel this is a useful mod?

The difference in power or throttle response is kinda noticeable on long steep climbs, the biggest thing I would say makes it worth it is the substantial improvement in fuel economy with it on WILD/agressive. I'm getting 50mpg @55-65 mph, where I was getting 44-45 at the same speeds without it. That 5 miles extra per gallon has saved me from doing a lot of walking already.

HID 55w headlight purchased from Paul on the Unofficial Husa forum, KTM ATV light converted to HID. - Is this a bolt on mod? No "adjustment" necessary?

It is a total plug and ride mod, same wiring harness, same mounts, same headlight mask.
Since it's not technically a DOT light, though there's talk of the parking light being legal enough for daytime running light, I added a couple of aluminum brackets so I can dip the light up or down, even while riding to not bling the cages while riding on pavement at night. During the day I have it tipped up to be most conspicuous like it would be without the brackets, blind em I say! (during the day)
Granted in SoCal cops and drivers seems to be pretty laid back about this sort of thing, back around Chicago where I'm from people/cops are so friggin' uptight about stupid crap it might be another story. YRMV.
The beam shape is nice and useful for tight slow riding and it has also a long throw, night and day compared to stock.

Sorry, no photo of the simple aluminum bracket I made to raise the gauges, it's similar to the light ones, I just cut a piece of flat aluminum big enough to span the two holes on the bottom, about 1.5" tall, 4" wide, and drilled two holes on the top and the bottom using the OEM gauge mount for a template.
Since I added 30mm bars risers to the Scotts mount it's now still a little low, but it seems I'm going to have issues with cable lengths if I try to raise it more. I can see the display just fine while riding, though I plan on moving the fuel and turn signal indicator lights to the two existing holes on the HDB top clamp. I'll snap a pic next time I get in there.
Does anyone recommend any little LED lights for that purpose, I don't trust the OEM indicator lights with bulbs since I've had them vibrate out of their sockets a few times already, I want to be able to trust them and see them clearly. (nothing more annoying than some motorbike riding down the road with a turn signal on)

Here's the top clamp, with the Moose Racing heated grips switch, I want to use the empty slots for gas/turn signal lights.

More Husa ADV porn!

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