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Originally Posted by DirtDad View Post
My 300 is plated. I have taken it on some 100 mile D/S rides that were about 90% dirt. It will cruz along comfortably at 45 mph. 13/50 gearing. I just hate burning up tires on the road. I can ride for literally hundreds
of miles of dirt roads, just about a mile from my house.

Riding my 530, on the same desert single track, and mountain single track, I was alot less fatigued on the 300.
Was I faster? Hard to tell. The four stroke does make you lazy, seems like you our going slower. Need to be
a little more on your game with the two stroke. I do miss my 530 for longer more slab oriented D/S rides.

You really need to have about 15 bikes to cover all aspects of riding.

You can't play golf with one club.

Thats my answer to my wife when she asks how many more dirt bikes i need.

We ride very different terrain,you desert,me,well we got the 3 R's up here in the Northeast,Rocks,Roots,Ruts,sprinkled with mud and slimie rocks.

But still,with a sproket swap,and a couple clicks on the dampner,there isn't much the 300 can't do.

I did a KTM demo last year with a good friend.The whole SX,and XC line up on a MX track for the day.Good time.
I really wanted to ride the 350XC,just to see if it would make a good enduro bike.
I have to say,i hated it,2 laps couldn't wait to get off it.Now of course thats just me.A friend with me,[AA]rode it and loved it!In the 350's defence,he pushs alot harder then me,so i would assume the harder you push it the better the bike would be.

Long story short,,,the 300XC,didnt care if you lugged it,or spanked it.It was creamy everywhere,just left it in thrid and throddle modulated.Even with factory settings it didn't pop,fart,lag or even get hot.Huge difference in bikes,,,for me.Everyones different.

Now,i know its not a KTM or even a 300,,,,but this is how you ride a 2 stroke.
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