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Ergo 365 pro Jacket

Hello everybody.

I'd been asked from a component of your team to clarify that Ergo 365 Pro and Ergo 365 Pro Expedition Jackets are CE Certified EN 13595-1.

This is the norm that you pass once your product has passed 3 group of tests:

GROUP 1 : Impact and abrasion resistance
GROUP 2 : Cut resistance
GROUP 3 : Cut strength

You can pass each group of test at different levels.
The higher is the value the higher is the level number.
Spidi jackets passed at level 2, that is the higher level (the worst is level 1); here're the Spidi test result values:

For that reason, Ergo 365 Pro and Ergo 365 Pro Expedition are certified 13595-1 at level 2.
Here you see the pictogram inside the jacket :

Numbers on the right mean the 3 test groups have been passed at level 2.

Ergo Pro pants are not certified, even if the materials are same as jacket, number of layers is same, construction type is the same. The reason is just commercial: pants have not been tested.

Even in Europe the demand of this certification is new, probably these pants and other Spidi items will pass the certification in a close future.

Thanks all for your attention, if you want to follow Spidi in the forum please go to the thread

Matteo De Vito
Spidi Marketing Dept
Vicenza - Italy
Established in 1977, Spidi is a world leader in technical motorcycle apparel.

Spidi is creator of Ergo Jacket.

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