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Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
The roll she printed was on 7.5 mil paper. It's a little thick but it's crazy durable and easily re-usable for a training event.
Durable is good. But thick is not because it limits the length of roll that will fit in the roadbook holder. A typical 1-day Dakar roadbook is so long it has to be split in two, with the second half installed mid-day (at a gas stop).

Re-usable is not important because each rider marks them up with colored highlighters. And nobody marks them the same. So, each person needs a fresh one.

Finding the right paper in a large enough roll at a reasonable price is not an easy task. If you ever do find something that is just right, I'd be interested in what it is, what the specs are, and what price it is. I did find a solution, but the cost might blow your mind.

This is a special one done for Jonah for his "headings only" training. It's a continuous sheet about 60ft (18m) long. With my Snail-Dog printer it takes about 45 minutes to print. If I can get my new Turbo-Hog printer to work, it should only take about 5 minutes to print.
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